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Personal loan

Go a little closer to fulfilling your dreams by making use of our personal loans and meet your financial needs at attractive interest rates.
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Auto loan

Car loan is the solution for new transportation equipment, and is also known as an assigned Loan and is used to purchase a new or used vehicle.
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Mortgage loan

Thanks to the mortgage loan from B.L Holdings, it is now possible to make your dreams come true when it comes to buying real estate.Why rent if you can buy?
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Investment Loan

The Investment Loan is the ideal product for clients who have few financial commitments and who want to use leverage (borrowing to invest).
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Loan Cluster

The principle of debt consolidation is very simple: The B.L Holdings grants you a single loan to pay off all your debts.It's better to be discharged.
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Other Services

Our financial services offer is based on the expertise of three businesses: Loan, Investment and Capital Management Contact us and we will study your case.
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